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Welcome to the wonderful
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Using the Resources

These books have been written as a resource to share with young children and discuss a variety of safeguarding issues.

The books can be used to engage children in discussion about stranger danger that they may encounter in their lives. The first series of books progress from dangers in the environment to dangers on the internet. Research has shown that a growing proportion of children at 4+ access the internet using social media games.

The Characters

ButterfliesThis series is based on two main characters, Tim & Tess, and a key character, ‘Wizz Away’ that is also a discussion icon throughout. When Wizz Away the wizard appears on a page this indicates to the adult and the children that there is a potentially dangerous or worrying situation that should be discussed.

The butterflies indicate a point in the book to pause and discuss how the children may be feeling in this situation.

Raising Important Discussion Opportunities

The books can be used with groups of children to discuss points in the story where children need to think about the dangers presented or actions they should take. Each book has a wizard card for the children to hold up when they sense a potentially dangerous situation arising. When these are identified by the children the situation should be discussed allowing the children the time to talk about why they see it as ‘dangerous’ or ‘nasty’. They may perceive different situations or actions as dangerous to ourselves, but it all warrants discussion, including how to respond to these dangers or actions.

Wizz AwayEach title is also available in packs of eight for discussion work in small groups and come with eight
Wizz Away characters and butterflies cards.  All packs contain advice and guidance on using the materials: Series 1 Leaflet | Series 2 Leaflet.

The children often have butterflies in their tummy when they are feeling unsure about a situation. The butterflies indicate a point in the book to pause and discuss how the children may be feeling in this situation. In this
series the butterflies are a sign that the characters themselves are feeling things are not quite right. These raise important discussion opportunities, around who to talk to when you feel like this. The press out butterflies are included to use as a resource at these points in the books. This aspect can extend beyond the story into other classroom situations.

Puppets could also be used to encourage discussion between adults and children or groups of children. The puppets and books could be used as enhancements in provision areas. Puppets are available to purchase to support and extend the safeguarding opportunities the books offer. Puppets can be purchased direct from

I came across, age-appropriate resources for teaching about safeguarding in
the early years. I think this pretty much unique.

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