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Meet the Team

Meet the team behind JLSP Associates.

Sophie Plachcinski

Sophie currently teaches alongside her writing and creative work. She graduated from Stirling University in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in English Studies, before training to teach. She has taught across the whole primary age range and spent 5 years in early years and year 1. She has worked in North Lincolnshire, West Sussex and Cambridgeshire. Passionate about education and helping to form confident, rounded individuals, Sophie wanted to help create educational material that can be used both in and out of the classroom. The focus on safety within the Tim and Tess series made it an exciting project to work on. Sophie was able to come on board during the planning stages of series 2 as a writer, draft illustrator and trial implementation co-ordinator. Sophie has displayed the work of JLSP Associates at conferences and at a community safety day in her local community in Cambridgeshire, while being on hand to read the stories to groups of children and explain how the series can help promote safe relationships and choices. As a director in the company Sophie has played a vital role in the development of series 2. Sophie is currently working on developing the third series of Tim and Tess, based on relationships. She has also used her narrative skills as an actor, as the voice for the Tim and Tess stories on the App versions that have now gone live, in collaboration with Pearson publishing.

Sue Plachcinski

Sue has worked in Early Years Education for 36 years. Working in schools, nurseries and as an Early Years Lead Officer for a Local Authority.  As a director in JLSP Associates she uses her experience to guide and advise the development of the Tim & Tess Series.

Joe Plachcinski

Joe Plachcinski

Joe has worked as an educational consultant and as a school improvement officer, within a Local Authority environment. He has also held the post of regional adviser within the National team, challenging engagement and progression at all levels. Personable, Joe is empathetic yet able to challenge at all levels of an organisation, creating a positive dialogue that brings about real change.  Joe has also 25 years of teaching  experience in the classroom teaching physics, mathematics and technology, alongside leading and managing change as ICT in schools developed and expectations grew. He became an active CEOP Ambassador in 2007, using this knowledge and experience to help identify risks and challenges that require solutions within educational settings.  Joe is also a trained ICT mark assessor and Smart board trainer.  The wide and varied experiences gained throughout his career helps to apply a depth of understanding leading to a balanced  approach when advising and training staff within schools and multi-agency environments. Over the past five years Joe has developed further knowledge and understanding as well as gaining broader experiences, acting as an Education Manager, leading the Looked after Children’s Education Service (LACES) for a Local authority.  He then moved into an SEN role as Monitoring Officer for Independent Specialist Provision.

Currently Joe leads the direction of JLSP Associates and as of September 2017 the company is now concentrating on the publishing arm of the business, focused on the extension of the Tim & Tess safeguarding series.

I came across, age-appropriate resources for teaching about safeguarding in
the early years. I think this pretty much unique.

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