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Individual books or packs with all six titles from the first series or all nine titles from the second series can be purchased by parents and carers on-line. Schools can send their order via the contact form or by email and will be invoiced after the order is completed and recieved.

The full series of all fifteen titles are also available as a complete pack, offered at the new 2021 Offer Price.

Individual books are still available for purchase and can be found here:   Series 1 & 2 Individual Books.

As well as a complete teachers pack containing all fifteen titles, each book is also available packed in wallets with set numbers of each title to your requirements for shared reading. Contact us for further details. Download a Tim & Tess leaflet: Series 1 Leaflet | Series 2 Leaflet.

The second series covers other aspects of safeguarding such as water safety, road & Rail awareness, digital images, personal information and positive profiles.

For further enquiries and information please use the contact form.

Tim and Tess Complete Series 1 and 2

Tim and Tess Complete Series 1 and 2

The complete set of Tim and Tess series 1 and 2 contains all 15 books, 6 books from series 1 and 9 books from series 2.

I came across, age-appropriate resources for teaching about safeguarding in
the early years. I think this pretty much unique.

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