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About JLSP

JLSP Associates was formed as a limited company in 2010.  Joe Plachcinski leads the direction of JLSP Associates Ltd.

JLSP Associates Ltd. offers a value for money service, working with well respected partners and associates to develop and apply e-safeguarding policy and procedures.

The Tim & Tess Safeguarding Series

Tim and Tess Complete Series 1 and 2During the first year of the company being formed, it was identified that safeguarding aspects for early years children had been under developed.  The company went on to develop the ‘Tim & Tess’ safeguarding series to be used for early years and into Key Stage 1.

The company offers realistically priced resources to support parents, early years providers and schools.  The ‘Tim & Tess’ resources raise the profile of keeping safe across the many aspects of a child’s life,  including the use of technology and social media.

During 2017 the ‘Tim & Tess’ series has been developed and extended to cover wider safeguarding aspects and themes that were requested by school staff already using the resources from the first series.

It has also been brought to our attention by staff that the materials would lend themselves to be used for children with autism.

Tim & Tess Apps

The full series of 15 books have been grouped to create four exciting Apps covering key safegaurding aspects. This enables the children to listen to the stories on line and access related activities. This can be done as an independent reader, shared reading or as a class activity.

The Tim & Tess Apps have been developed and are now available for schools from within MyLibrary, a collection of educational resources from Pearson Publishing.


JLSP Associates believe that a key area for success is ensuring that communications at all levels of an organisation are good, staff are well informed and they understand the benefits change can bring.  It is our belief that people in any organisation are the most important resource. Today in the ever shifting sands of the educational landscape, the CPD offer must be flexible and personalised. School leaders need to see clear benefits in terms of efficiency and value for money.

I came across, age-appropriate resources for teaching about safeguarding in
the early years. I think this pretty much unique.

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