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Safeguarding young children in the early years, foundation stage and into KS1. JLSP are passionate about giving children the confidence to engage in social situations safely and with understanding.

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Welcome to JLSP Associates Ltd.

JLSP Associates developed as a company to provide for a wide range of professional development needs. Working with partners and associates as appropriate, delivering high quality training.

The ‘Tim & Tess’ resources were developed and provide a unique set of safeguarding resources for early years, the foundation stage and into Key stage 1. The children become familiar with Tim & Tess, as characters through the approach of a set of traditional stories. This then is developed to tackle safeguarding aspects for this vulnerable age group.

The success of the first series of six titles has enabled a second series of nine titles to be developed. The full set of 15 titles now cover a wide range of safeguarding aspects that were requested by school staff over the past two years.

Tim & Tess Apps

The full series of 15 books have been grouped to create four exciting Apps covering key safegaurding aspects. This enables the children to listen to the stories on line and access related activities. This can be done as an independent reader, shared reading or as a class activity.

The Tim & Tess Apps have been developed and are now available for schools from within MyLibrary, a collection of educational resources from Pearson Publishing.

Parents and carers can access the Tim & Tess Apps at a special rate through Pearson publishing. Contact JLSP Associates Ltd through the contact form if you wish to access the full collection of Tim & Tess apps.

See a free preview available at:

Selected stories are still available from the first series directly from the App stores below:

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Ordering the Tim & Tess Resources

Schools can order their requirements through either the contact form or emailing direct to Parents and carers can order and pay on-line.

Tim and Tess Complete Series 1 and 2

Tim and Tess Complete Series 1 and 2

The complete set of Tim and Tess series 1 and 2 contains all 15 books, 6 books from series 1 and 9 books from series 2.


Our Latest Resources

The website has been updated to allow parents and carers a personalised choice from the 15 titles and also enable easy on-line purchases.  View all the available resources here.

Tim, Jake and Bertie the Dog

Tim, Jake and Bertie the Dog

Animal safety and animal treatment. Tim and his friend Jake find out how their actions and behaviour can affect an animal and learn how to stay safe with dogs.

Tim and Tess at the Park

Tim and Tess at the Park

A story about making safe decisions and knowing when to ask for help for yourself or a friend you are worried about.

I came across, age-appropriate resources for teaching about safeguarding in
the early years. I think this pretty much unique.

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